The electric salt and pepper grinder set features advanced ceramic motor, with adjustable and refillable stainless steel and acrylic construction, showing good improvement on long term performance that will not rust or corrode, and ensures finer and faster grinding. The battery salt and pepper mills are incredibly easy to use with their one-hand design, so you can season your food with a push button automatically instead of manual grinding. Its improved design allows for easy refilling of seasonings and install of 4 AA / 6AAA batteries (not included) which are easy to install with its easy to open cover. These portable automatic spice grinders allow you to easily move around the kitchen by keeping them at your arm’s reach . Bring them for camping, picnic or even for barbecue nights. Add that pop of extra flavor to any meal today!

The salt and pepper shakers will be the highlight of your kitchen or dining table with its 6-in-1 kit, keeping your kitchens clean and the spices dry and fresh away from moisture and dust. Spice up your kitchen with these sleek and stylish salt and pepper mills. Its contemporary design will be the highlight of your dining table that will surely attract compliments from your family & guests! The bottom firmly closes to prevent leakages while maintaining the freshness of your spices.

New Design Spice Mill Battery Operated Electronic Spice Grinder Yisure DH-20
The electronic spice grinder is ideal to grind salt, pepper and other grainy spices, can help to make yummy food.6 AAA batteries are required, the motor is powerfulCustom logo can be printed on grinders or packages.
Kitchen Luxury Food Grade Stainless Steel Electric Pepper and Salt Grinder Yisure 9540
The electric pepper and salt grinder with diamond stainless steel housing, unique design2 colors can be optionalFine or coarse can be adjustable depends on your need.6 AAA batteries are required, the motor is powerfulCustom logo can be printed on grinders or packages.
Electric Gravity Salt Pepper Grinder Set with Adjustable Coarseness Battery Powered Blue LED 9546
sea salt grinder chooses a high-density ceramic grinding core, which can easily and smoothly grind any spice without changing its flavor. It is suitable for black pepper, white pepper, sea salt and other solid seasonings. This salt mill and pepper mill set is a modern, elegant and user-friendly accessory for your kitchen. It is very suitable for hosting a gourmet meal or dinner party. Great gift or party pamperModern design: stylish frosted black pepper mill with acrylic windows. Suitable for all dining tables and kitchen countertops. The refillable container contains a lot of salt and pepper, so you don’t have to continue filling. It can be filled by simply unscrewing it from the device. The size is 8 inches high by 2.5 inches wide. Electric grinder requires 6 AAA non-rechargeable batteriesBlue LED light: Why do we choose blue LED light for our automatic pepper grinder? The blue light is not only bright and soft, you can’t imagine how warm and romantic it will be when you have dinner with your family or loved ones; you can turn on the blue light by simply rotating your wrist, and you will easily see the salt and pepper in the foodEasy to use: Just tilt to automatically start the spice grinder and beautiful blue LED light. Return to vertical stop. No need to press any buttons: Ideal for customers with arthritis or chronic hand pain-no need to press buttons or manual sanding. One-hand operation: Easily season when cooking without manual grinding on the pan. Crush or stir the pot to spice up the food. Replace salt and pepper shakers with quality substitutes!High quality: The high-quality high-hardness ceramic mechanism can easily grind pepper, salt and other spices you like. No corrosion and anti-oxidation, make the spices fresh and healthy.
Stainless Steel Battery Operated Kitchen Tool Gadgets Gar Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Set With LED light 9545
The Electric grinder for pepper is powered with 6 AAA batteries, this cordless device doesn't require chargingThis electric salt and pepper mill set is made of stainless steel housing which is durable and rust-resistant for a long-lasting performanceOne-Touch Operation Custom logo printing and custom package
Kitchen Stainless Steel Adjustable Pepper Grinder Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Set 9544
Yisure supply customized salt and pepper mill set, One-Stop kitchen tools.Stainless steel housing2 in 1 function, can grind salt and pepper in a millFDA and LFGB certificatesCustom products and custom color box with logo 
Electric stainless steel with Battery of salt and pepper mill 9532
Grinder 9532.To guarantee the quality of  , its raw material suppliers have undergone rigorous screening and only those suppliers that meet international standards are selected as long-term strategic partners.Yisure BestQuality battery operated salt and pepper Grinder 9532 Factory,One- Stop kitchen tools.
Adjustable Core Custom Home Electric Spice Grinder Pepper Mill 9530
Our New Version US Plug Rechargeable Gravity Electric Salt Pepper Grinder has a built-in large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, which provides long battery life. Dont waste money on buying AA batteries. The battery indicator under the switch button red is low energy, when charging, and turns green when fully charged. The White LED light will turn on automatically when the grinder is in operation. you will easily be able to see amount of salt and pepper you put in your food.The electric salt pepper grinder have different levels of operation to ensure that all needs are met. The grinders can be used not only with Himalayan Salt and Black Pepper Peppercorns but with other spices as well; Bonus tip: if you toast the spices before grinding them, then you'll get even more of the aroma and a deep complex flavorThe container of this Electric Salt Pepper Grinder is huge and wide enough to store enough amount of salt or pepper. The transparency allows you to see the amount of spices left in it so that you can refill it timely and easily.This portable automatic spice grinder allows you to place them within arm's reach and thus easily move in the kitchen. Take them to camping, picnic and even barbecue nights. Add more flavor to your meal now!Did you know that our high-end Rechargeable Gravity Electric Salt Pepper Grinder will save you 90% more of your time and effort with our innovative design? If you are not completely satisfied, we will offer you a money-back refund. Click the yellow “Add to Cart” button today, and start grinding your raw seasoning the smart way!
New Item Hot Sale black Gravity Pepper Grinder and Salt Mill 9521N
QUALITY - We only want to provide premium products. Strict selection of materials.                        We have quality department in place to control our high quality standards. DESIGN -  We dedicate to offer products with innovative and elegant design.                        We professional-grade design can pass the test of time.  INNOVATION - We are strong believers in innovation. All we want is improvements.                       We always value the innovative, efficient and practical products. SAFETY - We avoid the usage of harmful chemicals. We also follow up on regulations and certifications.                       We take safety at priority place     
pepper mill mechanism Electric pepper mill with light 9518
Grinder 9518.The fabrics of are of high quality. They have to go through necessary finishing processes including dyeing, printing, and heat setting.Yisure Best Automatic Salt And Pepper Grinders 9518 FactoryPrice-Yisure,We are specialized in the line of kitchenware for more than 10 years with 280 well- experienced employees.
Wholesale 2021 High quality Automatic Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Spice Bottle Grinder 9512
Grinder 9512.This product prevents users from feeling damp and wet at night because its fabric absorbs moisture to some extent.Yisure Wholesale electric pepper mill Grinder 9512 withgoodprice-Yisure,We are one of ISO9001 and BSCI members
Amazon Hot Stainless Steel Battery Operated Electric Spice Salt and Pepper Grinders Set 9508
✔️QUALITY: For the Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set has used the highest quality stainless steel to meet the highest quality standards and make your kitchen look sleek and stylish and ensure premium and unique experience; Its elegant design and gift box make this electric pepper grinder the perfect present for Father's Day and any occasion🔝 Metal And Wood Stand: Our family has personally taken part in the designing process of the electric pepper grinders, the packaging and the caddy because we want to offer the best. This electric salt and pepper mills are a great replacement for the regular salt and pepper shakers; Many customers have confirmed the battery operated salt or pepper mill is a great choice not only for the modern young men, but for the elderly people with arthritis as well👌ADJUSTABLE COARSENESS: The ceramic grinder has different levels of operation to ensure that all needs are met, in addition the built-in light ensures that all your meals will be seasoned to perfection; The electric grinders can be used not only with Himalayan Salt and Black Pepper Peppercorns but with other spices as well; Bonus tip: if you toast the spices before grinding them, then you’ll get even more of the aroma and a deep complex flavor👍EASY TO USE: You can use the grinders with or without the rubber caps because the wood part of the stand will keep all particles; easy one hand operation contributes to the optimal performance of the battery operated salt grinders; the automatic pepper mills need 4AA non-rechargeable batteries each, the modern design of the stainless steel salt and pepper grinders allows easy hustle-free replacement of the batteries and the refilling of the condiments❗️SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: WE CARE and our stainless steel battery operated salt and pepper mills are not just regular salt&pepper shakers and are backed up by our manufacturer 30-day money back guarantee with 1 year free replacement warranty; The factory warranty is only available from authorized sellers
Best Electric Salt And Pepper Shakers Grinder gravity salt and pepper mills -9501
GRAVITY OPERATION - Simply invert the grinder, then it will grind salt and seasonings automatically, easy to use no more struggling with turning and twisting, you can also conveniently and effortlessly use with only one hand.BATTERY POWERED - Powerful motor, solid and durable ceramic grinding core enable this battery operated grinders grind seasoning in seconds. Each grinder require 6 AAA Batteries (Batteries are not included).HIGH QUALITY - Premium stainless steel and acrylic body with elegant design will match any kitchen and dining table and charm your family and guests.ADJUSTABLE SEASONING - With adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism, the salt and pepper grinder set can easily grinds sea salts, pepper, chili flakes , white peppercorns, red pepper flakes and other spices. Maximum capacity for the salt mill: 180g / 6.3 oz; Whole black pepper: 90g / 3.1 oz. (Salt and pepper not included)OUR PROMISE: Our Kalorik spice grinders are the MOST TRUSTED on the market and include a 1-year manufacturer protection (purchased through Kalorik). Next steps: (upcoming steps to resolve)Electric Gravity Spice Mill single piecesalt and pepper gravity mills Grind With The Flip of A Wristgravity pepper mills grinders has Adjustable Grinding Settinggravity salt and pepper mills Ceramic Grinders Resist RustGravity Operated - Just Turn Upside Down to Dispense