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Diamond painting is a relaxing, fun, creative activity to immerse in for your mental and spiritual growth. Every step of the process gives you a high of accomplishment and focus. Right from receiving your DIY paint canvas to applying the finishing touch to your painting is fascinating.  

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We Yisure are a diamond painting supplier. 

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Diamond Full Layout
Diamond Painting
Tools Include
Tweezers, Tray, Pen, Two Glue
Diamond Embroidery Sale
Wholesale and Retail
Home Decoration
Rhinestone Picture
Diamond Embroidery Rose
Canvas Package
 Roll up, Avoid Creases
Tools, Enough Diamonds, HD Canvas
Product Category
Crafts Gift
On Sale; Free Shipping; Factory Direct
DIY Photo Custom Full Square Rhinestone
Square diamond with 447 DMC colors
Pasting Area
Full square diamond painting
Fabric Type
Kits In Set
 Tools, Resin Diamonds, Custom Printed Canvas
Tool Advantage
Stainless steel tweezers
Home Decor; Gift; Wedding Decoration, wall decor, office decoration
Buy Direct From China Factory at low price
Diamond Size
Diamond Type
Square Diamond embroidery sale
Diamond Shape
Home decoration/Wall stickers/gift
About Diamonds
 100% full Square & Round drill
High-Quality Printing Machine
Diamond Type
Picture Of Rhinestones;Diamant Schilderij
Factory Outlet
Diamond Painting Name
 Diamond Painting Kits; DIY Painting, Diamantmalerei;
Set Type
Diamond Painting; Diamond Embroidery; Cross Stitch Kits

DIY order:

1. Check the dedicated tools for diamond drawing.

2. Check the color of resin diamonds, and arrange it in the order of coding.

3. Uncover the tape drawing above, and you will see many symbols corresponding to the color codes.

4. Code clamps correspond to the resin diamonds in corresponding colors.

5. It will be finished faster if each time for a kind of resin diamond.

6. In order to create a perfect diamond painting, drawings should be put in one place together, and symbols in each row do not have to stay diamonds.

7. In order to draw a good picture on the paper, hold the sorted array on the plane of the above materials.

8. The joints need to be flat and neat without cracks.

9. After a good try, the rest of the gap at the glue corresponds to symbols of diamonds.

10. In order to complete a good diamond painting, put it in an appropriate frame ( frames not included ) you choose.



1. Resin diamonds cannot be eaten, so please do not let children play with them to avoid accidents like swallowing.


2. Drawings need to keep clean, otherwise, it will affect the adhesive strength. If there is dirt attached, it will affect the low-temperature solid iron.


3. Diamond remains sticky.



1. Please allow 1-3 mm error due to manual measurements and make sure you do not mind it before ordering.

2. It may have a color difference because the picture is positioned differently.




1. Q: How long will it take me to finish the painting?
    A: According to the experience,  you should be able to complete an area the size of your hand in an hour.



2. Q: What do your kits come with? Do they include everything I need to complete the painting?
    A: Yes! Everything but a frame. Each of our kits comes with the following:
    Pre-printed canvas with design chart (with a pre-applied adhesive)
    Colored diamonds in separate bags
    Diamond applicator & tray 
3. Q: If I want to use my picture as the canvas, is that OK? 
    A: Of course, Yes. Welcome to custom, thanks.

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