Reusable BPA Free Silicone Bags Zip Lock Vacuum Silicone Food Storage Bag 8101

  • ✔️Easy To use and Care - These silicone food storage bags are redesigned to make them easy to use and maintain. Freeze the prepared foods in airtight silicone bags, Don't have to thaw, simply place in the microwave, keeping one clip open. Another great feature is; these wide-opening bags are easy to pour liquids without tipping over. For more convenience, it is easy to wash in the dishwasher by simply placing the bags upside down in the upper or lower rack. Pat down with a clean towel.

  • ✔️Versatile: A unique leakproof, stand-up, flat bottom silicone bags are ideal for storing the prepared fresh meals, leftovers, sauces, and can be carried in your lunch bag. These silicone bags are foldable, unlike the others, a great way to organize in your kitchen drawer. Having snap-lock clips attached to the silicone bags make them so easy to carry liquid with worry-free. These silicone food storage bags can be used to meet your specific needs: baby food packaging, milk, snacks, lunches, dog food.

  • ✔️Accessibility: Reusable silicone food storage bags come in two different sizes- 2 of 500ml and a 1000ml, with fill-measurement indicator on the front of the premium quality food storage bags, just perfect for measuring portions.

  • ✔️Temperature: Our silicone bags have a 100% BPA-free Tritan plastic clip. Tritan is impact resistant and can easily be transferred from freezer to microwave. It is resistant to temperatures up to 100C/212F

  • ✔️Environmental Impact: Is silicone a safe alternative to single-use plastics? Disposal plastics, and Ziplock bags that hold sandwich and snack for a short period before it is being tossed into the trash bins, which then eventually ends up in our landfills or even the ocean. harming our environment and wildlife. By switching to an eco-friendlier alternative, like our reusable silicone food storage bags, can eliminate 100s of these bags.



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Model number8101
Size of color box195*120*185mm

About Silicone food storage bag:

Size: 1 of 1000mL / 34 oz Color: Light Blue

2 of 500mL / 17 oz. Color: Quartz Pink, Cyan

Microwave Freezer and dishwasher safe.

Leak-proof and impenetrable

Easy to use, clean and dry.

Versatile bags perfect to store leftovers.

Stand-up with a flat base makes it easy to fill, pour and eat out of them.

Storage user-friendly design

Airtight seal clip attached to the bag for easy storing, cooking, and freezing food,

Reusable Silicone bag replaces hundreds of individual plastic bags in its lifetime.

 About Silicone

  • Food-grade

  • No PVC, latex or petroleum-based

  • Steam resistant.

  • Moisture sealant

  • Easy Clean

  • Easy sterilization

  • Environmental resistance

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1) We Yisure can provide samples for you to check and confirm quality before mass production.

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A: 30days after sample confirmation except for peak season


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