Aluminum Stainless Steel Cooking Pot Cookware Set Pots Set Cookware Set Cooking with Stainless Steel Shovel

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Non-Stick Coating

The cookware set features a nonstick coating, which allows for lower-fat cooking, less stuck-on food, and easier cleanup.

Stay-Cool Handles

The pan handles are designed to stay cool during use, while also promoting a firm, comfortable hold.

Hand Wash Only

For a longer lifespan, it’s recommended to hand wash the cookware (not dishwasher safe). Can be used on both gas and electric stovetops.

Long, cast stainless steel handles stay cool while cooking on the stove top and the entire nonstick cookware set is oven safe up to 450 degrees F, making it easy to finish recipes or keep food warm until it's served. T

Easy to Clean/ Dishwasher-safe

For light cooking, just simply wipe or rinse the pan surface with a cloth.

After cooking and enjoying a full meal, no one wants to spend time hand-washing the cookware. However, the Fadware dishwasher-safe cookware solves this dilemma, making cleanup an absolute breeze.

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