Adjustable Bamboo Pepper Grinder – The Electric Pepper Mill Grinder is unique in its category. Do you want coarse to fine pepper in seconds? No problem With one twist of the knob gets immediate results!

Compact – It doesn’t take up much space so you won’t be pressed for storage. It’ll be easy to keep your kitchen clean not to mention having all your kitchenware in one place.

Premium Quality – This grinder for pepper features razor-sharp blades that can cut through not only peppercorns. Pulverize seeds fresh spices grains or legumes all without breaking a sweat.

One-Touch Operation – All you need is a press of a button to get this small yet effective machine grinding. Just load it with 6 AAA and you’re good to go!

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Our salt and pepper grinder allow you will not need both of your hands to grind your spices. Just press a button and you will have fresh ground spices! Convenient and funny.

Modern and functional design

Modern and functional Design Crafted with an acylic core, our salt and pepper grinder is in fashion.

Add flavor and spice to your favorite foods with ease

AgoKud USB rechargeable wooden electric pepper grinder is durable, easy to use and adds a classy look to the kitchen or the dinning room table

Adjustable Coarseness

Adjusting the coarseness is easy and effortless and only requires a gentle untwisting of the top screw of each salt and pepper mill.

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